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Noemi’s day was uneventful for the most part. Her team had started with their regular procdedures of prodding her and taking samples to study for later progress. She wondered how much her blood could change from a day-to-day basis, but she never asked the lab techs why they needed to do what they did. She had learned long ago that asking questions just got you silence in return, so she simply let thigns be.

Later that morning, the scientists in her team started injecting her with a substance she had seen several times before. She didn’t mind the opaque off-white serum so much as she minded where they had to inject it. For, it seemed that they couldn’t just inject it into her arms, no. Instead, the injected it near her lymphnodes or other hormone, producing glands. As it stood, none of the shots were all that fun to stand. Still, depite the discomfort, the girl allowed the scientits to inject her and get it over with.

At least she still had lunch with Sephiroth. That was always the highlight of her day. Being able to have just thirty minutes of peace, alone with Sephiroth in a location that was peaceful for the most part. Even when neither of them were at the top of their game, she still enjoyed just sitting at that table and talking to him.

Her afternoon lessons were the same as usual. Receive new information as to how space flight worked and how to build new devices. All things that fascinated her for the most part. But today, Kerash had something else for her after the lessons were done. Today, Noemi had received a set of books that Kerash claimed to her contained information on how to cast spells. Even though Kerash had the books available, she was not able to tell the girl anymore on the process, since she knew nothing of it. She also didn’t know of any living spell-casters to hire, so, Noemi received the books and was told to teach herself.

Thus, Noemi was busy stumbling back to her cell with the large books in her hands when she spotted Seph. A deep frown of concern crossed her lips, but she didn’t rush over to him quite yet. She wanted to get the books to a safe location first.

~What happened today? You look like you’ve had a weeks worth of doses in one hour…~