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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *mumbles* Bye… *shakes his head* *”He’ll get mad if you cough when he doesn’t want you to. He’s just that ridiculous. You know what he’s like. You’re lucky you’re safe from his wrath.”*

Hojo: *snarls and leads Sephiroth away off to his own laboratory area*

The entire day was fairly uneventful in the morning. Sephiroth was given five mild Mako injections in various points of his body.

The later afternoon was paticularly interesting however. The academy had hired a new tutor to teach Sephiroth. The new tutor was a psychic who could move and bend objects with sheer willpower. Sephiroth’s head was connected up to a machine to monitor brainwaves and then he began to practise. By mid-afternoon he was picking up small objects with little effort and the lab techncians were well pleased with the results. However, Hojo was not. He was angry with the boy’s progress under the guise of another teacher apart from himself. And so he decided to punish the boy for it. He ordered all but two helpers out of the lab, sent them home early for the day. And then he had them hold Sephy down, while he injected the boy with massive amounts of Jenova cells to make up for lost time while he had been away.

Sephiroth made loud distressed noises, but could do little about it. When it was over, Hojo ordered the boy be sent back to his room for close monitoring.