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Kat Aclysm

Seph: *doesn’t object to Noemi’s company and sleeps much more easily with her nearby*

Nearly half a month passes before Hojo would be allowed back into the lab area. He has been given a serious warning about misconduct and treason from the independant commitee who monitor and police the people who live within the military complex.
Because Professor Gast is dead, the commitee had no choice but to hand the postion of project manager over to Hojo because he was only one rank under Gast. However, the commitee had ruled for more security to be put in place. Hojo has been placed under probation and is to be monitored at all times while he is at work, thus, a grim and grumpy faced man in a black suit would follow him from now on and stand in the vicinity of the area while Hojo goes about his work. The commitee has also ordered for more cameras to be installed so they can more effectively monitor his activities.

Hojo: *is quite openly angry as he finally heads into the lab in the late afternoon on the day of his reinstatement as the suited man follows behind him, never saying a word. He kicks open the laboratory door and snarls at the team of scientists, demanding updates, test results, and reports they have made in the time he has been gone*