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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth sat on his bed beside Noemi’s and was reading a book he had been given for study purposes, or at least appeared to be reading. In truth, he was really daydreaming, pondering some of the things he would do once he was grown enough and ready to participate in the war he was born into. Noemi and Sephy’s tutors had glorified the status of war, and Sephy had bought into it, quite fascinated by the battle tactics and fame that came to the victors. More than that, he just dreamed of… doing anything other than being stuck in the cell. He was basically a little boy growing up in a rat cage here, and apart from the bits of time they got out from their holding cell, they were stuck in here with no real stimuli. It was boring as hell.

Sephiroth grinned slightly as he caught Noemi’s gazes in the corner of his eye, not bothering to look up from his ‘reading’. She was such a curious creature, like himself, yet very unique and different at the same time. He really liked her and was quite attached to her, despite her quirkiness. She was prone to anger and sometimes did strange things, but then again, so did he.

He finally glanced up at her from his book as he noticed she was licking a wound, giving her a look of concern. He quickly relaxed however, as he noticed that it was not a paticulart large cut. Silently, he slid off the bed, carrying the book with him. He quickly hopped up onto Noemi’s bed, sitting within a foot of her. He heard the distinct faint whir of the overhead cameras follow his every movement and he smirked, knowing that while they tracked his every movement, they would never be able to monitor his intentions. One day he would outsmart them.

*”How did you do that?”* He asked Noemi once he had settled down next to her, using his telepathic ability to speak, pretending to read once again.