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Kat Aclysm

This is perfect. I was going to age him soon anyway. We’d covered all the bases for his youth stage, at least, I think so.

Seph flourished under Jennah’s care as the years progressed. Each passing day he grew taller and stronger, quite abandoning the cowardly and frightened attitude towards things he had had when he first arrived.

He wasn’t entirely fond with lessons and tutoring, but did them anyway. His favourite times were when he spent his time out of doors running, or exploring. The island of Halcyon was almost like a world unto itself for how large it seemed to him. Some days he just wanted to run away as he wanted to know just how far the island went, but he also knew of the dangers out there, and so had never ventured terribly far away.
He enjoyed the hand-to-hand combat training sessions with Jennah and seeked to beat her wherever he could. She was much faster than he was and so beat him hands down pretty much all of the time. Despite this, Sephiroth did not give up for one second. He remained diligent in his training, seeking to beat Jennah just once.

That day however, Seph was feeling less than agreeable. He was sitting on the floor with his back leaning up against the side of his bed, mulling to himself over an advanced geometry book for one of the tutors. His pet dinosaur had died, and he had buried him only last week. He had never given the creature a name, but in the short time he had owned him, he had become quite attached. He had kept him well fed and cared for and so the dinosaur had been quite healthy, but as his back started to deteriorate in old age, he had to be hand-fed and carried as his leg muscles began to waste away. Seph knew his time had been coming for many weeks but his passing was not any less harder for the boy to bear.

Seph looked up from his book as Jennah spoke. His eyes focussed on her for a moment before he sat up properly, closing up the book.
“I’m awake, mother.” He answered quietly as he peered over the bed to her. He was still down, but tried not to let it affect him too much. “You have something for me?” The curiousity in his eyes was apparent, but his sadness stayed.