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Jenna: *looks up as she hears the thump of the book falling and tilts her head. So, she decides to investigate the matter. She strolls into the doorway of Seph’s room and softly chuckles as she sees the boy asleep. Grinning at the way he’s sprawled on the bed, the sorceress moves over to his side and gently tucks him into the covers. Once that was done, she turned off the lights then walked back over to her bed*

Not long after Jennah left Seph’s room, his pet dinosaur chirps scampers into the room, chirping with curiousity. It spots Sephiroth then hops onto his bed and sniffs him. After examining the bed for a few moment, the dinosaur decides to lie down next to Sephy.

Ok, I’m going to go ahead and skip a few years. Let’s see, Sephy is about 7 now, let’s skip til he’s around 10-11. That would be old enough in Jennah’s mind for her to start teaching him how to fight and survival tactics. If you have any other preference, don’t feel too shy to speak up. I don’t want to always be dictating the rp.

Only occaccionally *winks*

The last few years were filled with a number of seemingly unsignificant adventures, at least to the sorceress. However, the boy probably considered each passing day to be the equivelent of an entire lifetime. Jennah had successfully managed to get Seph into the routine of seeing his tutor each weekday for classes and had to change them out every year as the boy advanced. All of the instructors were patient with the boy, but there was a bit of sternness to some. Still, none were near to as cold as the ones that Seph had to deal with in Hojo’s lab. By this time, Sephiroth would probably be learning next to high school level classes.

In addition to his classes that stimulated his mind, Jennah had Seph regularly practice physical activities. She’d mostly have him do events very similar to track and field, but would also allow him to play outside in the forested area, given that he stay within a certain raduis of the base. That way, Centra was capable of monitoring the area and keeping the boy safe from any predators who may try to harm him. In addition, Jennah had introduced Sephiroth to some gymnastics like activities that would help him remain flexible as well as hand-to-hand combat techniques such as tae kwon do. However, despite Seph’s lessons in martial arts, Jennah had avoided giving the boy weapons to practice with.

However, that was soon about to change. Jennah had recently bought a wooden practice sword for Sephiroth and was walking down to his room. She firmly held it in her hands so that it wouldn’t drop and break on the stairs and smirked at the thought of what the boy’s expression would be when he set eyes on the sword. She was certain that this would prove to be the perfect “birthday” gift. Especially since the dinosaur that the boy had picked up as a pet a few years ago had recently died of old age. Jennah hoped that this would take the boy’s mind off his lost pet.

Jennah stopped infornt of Seph’s doorway and gently knocked on the wall. “Hey, boy? Are you awake? I have something for you?” She looked around the room as she stepped inside. She noted Seph’s entertainment system and mentally pulled up all the times that she and Seph had sat infront of it and either watched movies that he enjoyed or played games. A small smile crept onto her face as she recalled the events. Still, she didn’t keep her eyes on that spot for long and continued scanning the room for Seph himself.

Side note that I can’t think of where to put in asteticly: Jennah has given Sephy Jenova/Mako shots every single day. The dosage remains constant throughout the week, though it could be a bit stronger every year or so. So, you can bring up this if you want. Sorry… I read this over 4 times after posting it and can’t figure out a good place to stick it in.