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Kat Aclysm

Seph: *looks rather unhappy as he walks inside and sits down at the desk, finding the chair uncomfortable. He does not like the old lady who is in charge of monitoring him while he is in the room, finding her to be intimidating and unfriendly looking. He picks up the test and works through it, soon forgetting all about her as he becomes engrossed in the test. He occaisonally shifts about in his chair, not liking how uncomfortable it is, then later finishes the test. He closes up the booklets and sets them in a neat pile, setting the pen at the top of them. He heads back out of the room once the lady lets him out of the room again, only too glad to be back with Jennah again. He stands on the chair beside her and whispers into her ear.* I didn’t like it in there… that lady smelled funny and she looked mean.