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Jennah: *deeply sighs as she takes the clipboard but nods to Seph* Alright, I’ll fill out the rest of the information.. *she frowns in thought then casts a spell that would complete the last remaining fields as well as correct Seph’s errors. Then, she looks up at the tutors, blinking at Seph’s question before staring down at him and shaking his head* No, I do not believe that they are gifted in the way that you’re thinking. There aren’t any on this planet who have experienced what you have. *reaches over and gently rubs the side of his face* But they are used to teaching bright and overly intelligent children. That is why I picked them.

*The sorceress lingered with her hand on his chin for a moment. She grins as she examines the boy and admires how pristine he appeared, even after all the beatings he had endured. However, she finally stands up and moves away from Seph* It’ll only be a few more minutes. Don’t worry too much. *She walks over to the receptionist desk then hands over the paperwork. After listening to the woman who sat behind the desk go through all the fields, she is informed as to what room to take the boy and nods in acknowledgement.*

*So, Jenna walks back over to Seph and reaches out to take his hand* Come, let’s get this test taken care of.