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The service representative stares at Seph as he draws and whistles from time to time, impressed by his drawing skills. She shakes her head in disbelief and grins over at Seph. “I swear, if I had your talent, I’d be making a fortune. Keep up the good work.”

Once Sephiroth hands the drawing over to her, she widely grins and nods her thanks at him. “Thank you so much.” The representative waves goodbye to him as he leaves.

Jennah: *blinks in astonishment as Seph shows her the drawing then slowly shakes her head* Well, you certainly have some hidden tallents.. *shakes her head* Come now, let’s get going. You have a test to take. *she reaches down to take his hand then begins leading him out of the buiding.*

*Once outside, Jennah walks up the street for several blocks then takes a few turns until she finally reaches the office of a home-schooling organization. She glances down at Seph and gives him a small smile* I’m certain you’ll do fine. *From there, she leads him up the stairs and walks into the office. She nudges Seph toward one of the leather chairs in the office then softly speaks* Stay put for now. I’m going to tell them that we’re here.

*From there, the sorceress walked over to the receptionist desk. She spends five minutes informing the receptionist as to why she had Seph were there and that she had an appointment. Once done, she walks back over to Seph’s side and sits down next to him* Here, they wanted you to fill out this. *she hands him a small sheet that inquired as to background information. Then, she whispered to him* Just make up any information that you don’t know like you did at that hospital. Ok?