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Kat Aclysm

Seph: *just sits at the desk as he waits for Jennah to return. He spends some of the time looking at the clothes of people walking by, and counting the number of people that come into the store in the space of a minute. He nods up at the lady as she asks if he’s OK, thankfully taking the pen and paper as it is given to him to draw on. He looks around for something to draw, then spots a sports utility vehicle parked in the street outside. He begins to draw it with the pen, making neat and accurate lines which would probably not be normal for a boy his age.*

*By the time Jennah returns, he has finished drawing the SUV, and has begun to draw the scenery around it. He is busy drawing individual leaves on a tree when Jennah pats him on the head, startling him slightly. He looks up at her and quickly shakes his head* No, I wasn’t bored, mother. *holds up his drawing to show her* See? *gets to his feet and hands the pen and paper back to the lady at the desk* You can keep these.