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Jennah continued to tend to the boys needs for the next few days. She tried playing video games with him a few more times and faired just as well as she did during the first attempt, abismally bad. In addition, the sorceress introduced Seph to the washer and drier for clothing and showed him how to use it. While she introduced him to the easy means of cleaning clothing, she promised that he can use this method as long as he’d feel like on one condition, if Seph were to keep his dirty clothes in a basket that she’d set aside for him and deal with them in a timely manner. So, she expected not to see any more clothing in her hot spring.

Once the date in which Seph’s furniture came by, Jennah was quite accustomed to having a small boy around to take care of. She felt less awkward and more comfortable in her new role as a mother. Still, the woman was not necessarily the perfect mother. She had her rough edges, and also did not hold onto some of the standards that regular humans would hold onto, such as making Seph eat raw meat rather than cooked foods. Nonetheless, the boy was given the best treatment that the inexperienced mother could possibly think of.

Jennah: *Walks up behind Seph and gently pats his head* Are you ready to pick up your new furniture? I’ve also scheduled for you to be tested so that a tutor program would know what person to assign to you. They were the best that I could find.