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Jennah: *looks up from her book as Seph returns and nods at him, grinning. She is glad that he has safely returned; however, she is unaware that he ate poisonous fruit. So, she shows no signs of worry for the boy’s safety* I see nothing tried to snap you up as dinner. That’s good.

The dinosaur chirps and scurries over to Sephy. He first rubs up against him as Seph deposits the fruit on the floor. Once he spots the fruit, however, he quickly moves over to sniff it. However, after a few moments of inspecting the fruit, the dinosaur hisses and quickly backs away from it, for he recognizes the fuit as something that made him sick in the past.

Jennah: *tilts her head at the dinosaur’s reaction and shrugs* I guess he doesn’t like the food you brought this time.