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Kat Aclysm

Seph: *nods his head and pats the dinosaur on the head* Stay here with mother, dinosaur guy. I’m going to get food now.

Sephy heads out of the hot spring area and up the stairs, pushing the door open so he can head outside. He frowns as he notices that it is evening and already nearly nightfall, the sunlight just a thin pink line on the horizon. So he quickly runs to one of the nearest trees, climbing up the trunk to get at the small fruits growing on the branches.
He can’t really see them too well in the dim light, but bites into them and eats them anyway, unaware that they are poisonous. He baulks slightly at the bitter flavour, but is hungry so swallows the fruit anyway. He plucks a good lot of them off the tree and stuffs them into his pockets, climbing down again. He bounds back into the base, carefully shutting the door behind him, quickly moving down the stairs once again.

Seph: Hey dinosaur guy, come here! *runs into Jennah’s quarters and dumps the fruits out onto the floor* Come on, I have food for you!