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A bright light fills the room as Centra complely activates the simulation. Once the light fades, it becomes quite obvious that the simulation is very complex. Completely new sections of the room had just “appeared” such as several boxes in which enemies can hide behind or jump ontop of. There would be rafters as well that just “materialized after the simulation had started.

Jennah remains steady and picks up her scythe. She closes her eyes, listening to her surroundings for a moment then whispers, “Weapons test, scythe. Time: 15 minutes..”

Suddenly, she snaps open her eyes and sprints forward. She slashes at one of the boxes and cuts straight through the neck of a hidden monster. From that point on, mosters begin to flood the room. Jennah swiftly manuevors and parries the attacks the creatures give her. She ocaccionally gets struck down, but she does not spend much time on any injuries that she sustains. She uses all elements of the room to her advantage, switching between running on the floor to leaping up on the rafters.

Meanwhile, the visor she’s wearing gives her readings on her status and the time left for her given exercise. Jennah just barely pays attention to these readings and keeps focussed on the enemies infront of her.