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Kat Aclysm

Seph blinked as he looked up at the sky again. He liked the blue colour. Midgar’s sky had always been grey, always. Sometimes rainy and bleak, and sometimes the sun shone through the clouds. But never like this.

“Hal..see..on, huh? Strange name…” The boy mumbled quietly as he got to his feet. “Why is the sky so blue?” He wondered as he glanced up at Jennah. He spent a brief moment to dust the bits of earth and dirt off his clothing as he looked around once again. He had to admit that. The area around him was quite interesting and despite the fact he was nervous and wary of the unfamiliar surroundings, as long as that lady was nearby, he assumed he was safe.

After a short moment, he slowly began to wander away from her. There were strange and distant rumbling noises in the distance and they intrigued him, so much that his curiousity had quite overtaken his fears for the time being. He figured he might as well get to know this place any way, especially if he was to find a safe place to hide. That option might become essential at some point…