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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *feels a little self-concious of himself now, and slightly bothered by the fact Jenna so casually brought the subject up* *”I don’t think men are the only ones that… well…”* *grunts* *”I didn’t know it was sexual-related. It was suggested to me as a relaxation technique, and it worked well.”*

St Sephiroth: *chirps and runs off again, growling* *”Demon! Leave me be! You are from the devil!”*

Zach: *moves his hands under her when she begins to sink* It’s not bed, no. *grins and tries to prep her so he can show her again. When he receives Dimitri’s pain signal, he glances out of the room, frowning* *”Are you OK, Dimitri?”* *carries Seres back to the shallow water* Stay here, OK? I think your brother’s in trouble…