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Kat Aclysm

Cancer: *is Desiree is able to open the door, she would discover that Cancer is rather efficiently holding her own defenses against the rampant spirits trying to invade her body, but is becoming quite tired and won’t be able to hold it up for much longer. Inbetween rounds of throwing up a psychic barrier defense, she is casting the same low-level astral fire based spell over and over again at any spirit that comes near her, also burning the furniture in the process*

Sephiroth: Big brother… *snickers* I am your big brother. Bow down and swear your loyalty for me before I… *loudly coughs, choking on blood which is being pooled into his lung* Before I bring them all here and take you too…

Loz: It sounds like somebody’s playing against the rules here. *pats his gauntlet gun and begins to play with the electric shocking function* Can we teach him another lesson, brother?