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Desiree: *digs through her books, trying to find the one that helped her learn how to break the barrier between existences. Upon locating the book, she releases a deep sigh then hugs onto it* Need to fix this… *She then steps out of her room. Noticing that there’s demons all around, she first moves to Cancer’s room. Knocking on her sister’s door, she calls out* Cancer? Are you alright?

Kadaj: *has gathered up his brothers and told them to be prepared to attack. He then begins searching through the base, trying to find the source of the disturbances that he’s feeling. Eventually, he leads his brothers to the training room just as Sephiroth finishes picking out a sword. He looks over Sephiroth before narrowing his eyes* You are not big brother.. *He quickly pulls out his Souba, going on the defensive*

Yazoo: *takes cue from his brother’s lead and pulls out his twin guns. However, unlike Kadaj, he doesn’t hesitate to attack. So, he quickly fires two shots at Sephiroth*