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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *just makes different crazed pleasured noises as he thrusts himself into Cloud over and over again, leaning over her, panting slightly as it takes him some effort to keep going with his current speed and force. He becomes more frenzied as he reaches climax, and rolls onto the bed, heavily panting once he is finished with her* Hah hah hah… *kicks Cloud off the bed* Such degrading fun… *grins back at the other demon for approval* The other bitch is dead. And my little friend *pokes at his chest, refering to Sephiroth himself* has gone silent. Hah hah hah…

Cloud: *just curls up on the floor and begins to shiver*

Aeris: *is crying by now, and crouches down next to Cloud to comfort her* I… *loudly whimpers*