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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *replies to her through the bond* *”Do what you have to… I have no control at all right now…”* *he loudly laughs as he tries to squeeze her breasts, ending up stumbling back as he is smashed in the nose. This makes him disorientated and he becomes momentarily immobilized as he is kicked between the legs, stumbling over* “Oh man… pain… I haven’t felt you in milennia.” *begins to laugh all over again, curling up on the floor, seeming to be enjoying himself*

Aeris: *is quick to stumble back from Cloud, seeming very confused as ‘she’ sees her own body* What’s going on…? *looks down at himself and howls in horror and shock* Cloud… I… I’m you!

Cloud: What…? *jumps to her feet, also examining herself* How did this happen…? Oh boy… *suddenly wipes her hands off on her clothes* Sorry about just now.. I… I don’t know what happened… *seems highly embarrassed*