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Jenna: *shakes her head and looks at Seph, seeming a bit hopeless* I don’t know. I’ve not quite encountered this sort of thing before. I’m sorry, Seph.. *she begins to cautiously move forward. She then opens the door to where she senses the strongest energies. Upon opening the door, she finds Desiree, who is moving to lie down on the floor*

Desiree: *is quite wiped out from her spell. So, she’s trying to settle down to sleep. In fact, she’s so tired that she doesn’t notice the door opening*

Astaroth: *giggles as he circles around Aeris and Cloud, studying them for a bit. He then broadly grins* Hello. You two look fun. Let’s play! *he flaps his wings in anticipation. He then begins to glow as he prepares to manipulate Aeris and Cloud*