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Jenna: *angrily growls at Cloud’s question. However, she doesn’t bother to correct him. Instead, she moves downstairs, trying to find the cause of the earlier disturbance. She then frowns at Seph’s question* ~No, it was not me, Seph. Why would you even think that was me?~ *snorting, she looks around, trying to find evidence of destruction. However, she finds none as she heads down the stairs*

Astaroth: *trills his tongue as he thinks. He then bobs his head* Yes, sssome entertainment may be good. He looks at Desiree then pats her cheek* Thank you, friend.

Desiree: *grins before narrowing her eyes at the formless spirit* Yes, you may have your fun. But I want one thing to happen. Make my mother suffer. Do whatever it takes to make her suffer. Understand?

Kadaj: *nods at Zach’s request* I think I will. He then turns around to disappear into the cooridor that he originally came from*