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Kat Aclysm

Aeris: *loudly whimpers* Please! Please let us go back! It’s not a waste of your time. We just want to go back to where we’re supposed to again. And if you can’t do that, just send Cloud back…

Cloud: Phh, no way Aeris. If I’m going, you’re going.

Zach: I’ll show you one day, bigger brother. You’ll be one of the first to see. *speaks in a low murmur, near a whisper* And then you can help me take out the scientist. That’s all I’m hanging around him for… *grins as he sees Dimitri* Hey there, little guy. *crouches down beside Dimitri, patting him on the head* Raise your wings up high, OK? *glances into the room* Where’s your sister? *tenses as he hears the boom* What was that…?

*as the barrier breaks down, a whispy dark grey spirit leaks through the rip, flying around the room, loudly cackling as it does so. It flies around Desiree in a hurry and coils around her arm, continuing to laugh* “You actually pulled it off. You’re way more talented than I thought, young girl.” *begins to laugh again* “Free! Free! I’m freee!!” *the spirit resumes flying around the room*

Sephiroth: *is snapped out of his daze when he hears the boom also* Hrmph… that sounded like it came from upstairs… *moves out of the room, assuming one of Jenna’s spells has gone bad*