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*Sephiroth would be left alone for the next four days, only given food by attendants, despite Seferia’s indication that she’d come to him again the following day. In fact, that second day that Sephiroth was present in the cavern, a great swell of worry and concern, as well as mourning seems to hit the population. If Sephiroth were to pay attention to those around, he’d hear stories of how Clawina, the leader of the resistance, had been dismembered and killed*

Seferia: *finally returns to Sephiroth after nearly five days of leaving him be. She is now moving rather slowly and appears quite weak. There are bandages around her neck, chest, and right leg. However, she has choosen to leave the wounds on her face alone for now. So, there’d be clearly tender and non-furred skin on Seferia’s face. Nonetheless, she moves in on Sephiroth’s location then sits down in front of him* Time for us to begin your rehabilitation… *her ears are rather drooped and she seems quite sorrowful*