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Unfortunately for Sephiroth, he receives no openings for escape for the next week. During that time, the woman would return over and over again. Most of the time, she’d babble on and taunt him, trying to rile him up. She’d bring up how easy it was to kill his companion and how she’ll have fun ripping him to shreds. In addition, she’d use her claws, her magic, and sometimes a few other weapons to tear into his flesh and literally give him wounds that would take days to heal. Unfortunately for Sephiroth, she’d have a habit of reopening those wounds the following day just to insure a slow healing time.

This all changed a bit after a week from when Sephiroth had been woken up from his materia prison.

Seferia: *firmly holds her twin katana in her hands as she moves down the halls. She had lead a team into the caverns that were being used as a prison in order to hopefully free a few creatures and gather a few more numbers to their troops. Eventually, the black-furred feline stumbled upon Sephiroth’s cell. Frowning, she first eyed him, trying to determine if he was even salvageable. Soon enough, she tears apart at the cage’s bars and slowly walks inside* Can you get up?