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Kat Aclysm

Red XIII: *loudly roars and tries to bite into the tentacle as it comes over him, struggling as it raises him up off the ground. He makes a loud crying noise in pain as Sesshou begins to literally suck the life out of him, soon going quite limp and lifeless*

Aeris: *cries out* Red!!! *struggles further in the ooze, wanting to get out even more now* STOP THAT!!

Sephiroth: *reappears high over Sesshou, his lower half paralyzed due to being punctured through the spine. His lower half profusely bleeds, but he doesn’t seem to care very much. He simply pants slightly in pain as he remains levitating in the air, then closes his eyes and concentrates a large amount of energy around himself, spending several moments doing so. The the very air around him seems to crackle and glow near the end of his charging period, and then he flies sharply downwards, detonating himself and his entire charge within feet of Sesshou’s energy form*