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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *begins to flip through the fictional book, smirking in amusement as he flips through the book pages, then begins to read from one part aloud* “Ethan purred as his hands glided down over the form of his new found lover, savouring her every curve, his hands moving to cup the snowy perfection of her breasts. He loved her soft skin and all the small groaning sounds that she made. Tracy moaned with immense pleasure, her skin feeling ignited like fire undder his touch. She arched her back ever so slightly just to meet him, murmuring sweet intangible sentences to her lover. Oh how she had missed this.” *reads through more of the chapter, then makes a loud amused snort, smothering a laugh* “Ethan’s fingers worked deeper with each slow, stretching drive of his fingers. He lowered his head to bite at her neck and sucked hard at her pale throat. “You like that?” he breathed, and dragged teeth over more sweat-savoury skin.” *hurls the book into the corner of the room* Who the hell reads that crap?