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Jenna: *narrows her eyes and hisses under her breath* ~You are either quite dumb at the moment, blinded by your own emotions, not listening, or just overly prideful. Or, perhaps you’re a mixture of all of them. This is not about your choice to watch the sky this morning. This is not about you not wanting to follow me everywhere, though I highly doubt you’re doing much more than sulking and sitting around doing nothing at the moment. This is your behavior for the last few days with the combination of my original complaint. Tell me, Seph, what reason do you have no to want to be around me, other than fearing my wrath? If I were going to hurt you, I do not need to be near you! Oh wait, you also fear what others would say of you if they saw you openly be with me, hm?~ *glares at Cid* I drew those up. Now use them and fix the idiotic problems with your ship. The technology here is so arcane that it is quite annoying. If you don’t know how to read those diagrams, go find someone who can. *snorts and turns around*