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Jenna: *grumbles* It still would be nice if it would just blow a hole in this pathetic place… *deeply sighs and closes her eyes. However, she quickly snaps them back open as she hears the lights in the area spark as they flicker on and off at least once*

Vixen: *narrows her eyes as she watches Cloud deflect both her and Virgo’s attacks. She then growls and leaps up, jumping toward the top of a pile of crap that once may have been a building* Persistent.. Hrmph. *balls up her left hand into a fist and begins to chant once more. Once she flings out her hand in Cloud’s direction, she casts a spell that would send a magical shock-wave in Cloud’s direction. This wave, which is laced with electric shocks, is powerful enough to rip through the ground as it hurtles toward Cloud*

Virgo: *hisses in annoyance at Cloud then grins at the sound of the wave. Soon enough, she leaps back, moving away from the danger zone* Virgo love sister’s spells. Sister is so good.