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Kat Aclysm

Hojo: No, there will not be any cake. Let those stupid specimens starve for all the pain they have caused me, for all I care. *growls* I’m behind schedule again… and it’s all thanks to them. *mutters as he leans back into the chair and jabs a needle into his arm, drawing blood from it* I don’t think I’m ever going to get anywhere….

Sephiroth: *leans forwards enough so Jenna can pat his back, but says nothing*

*a very loud engine roar echoes throughout the town and the mountains as the Highwind engines begin to churn, roaring into life. Cid’s voice can be heard somewhere in the engine bay cheering, also accompanied by much swearing and cussing about how long the repair work took*

Cid: *climbs the ladder to the engine room once again* F*ck it all, how long did that take!? *loudly laughs and slaps Cloud on the back* We’re finally going to f*ckin’ GO somewhere now, that’s the main thing! Okay Spikehead, you’re the brains in this outfit, where the hell are we goin’?

Cloud: I don’t really know… *glances over at Aeris and Yuffie for advice*