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Kat Aclysm

Hojo: *moves away from the tanks and sits down at his table once more to work on his previous projects once again* Now that is out of the way… *slides over one of the beakers, then pokes at the embryo growing inside of it. He spends another hour very carefully dropping small quantities of Lifestream into the beaker to feed it, and then he carries it with him across the room to set it down in a closed temperature-maintaining box to encourage faster growth. He stares at it for a long time, fascinated with the experiment. He occaisonally glances up at the cloning tanks that Sesshou changed the settings on, but mostly remains where he is, watching the embryo stored in the fluid*

Sephiroth: *moves to sit down on the ground, glaring as he watches Hojo work, then quietly mumbles* What are we going to do? I personally don’t want to sit here day after day and watch that meandering old fool putter about this place without a care in the world…