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Jenna: *hisses in annoyance then tries to prop herself up on her elbows so that she’d be at least somewhat upright. Unfortunately, her clumsy attempts take quite some time for her to manage even that. Eventually, she gets herself propped up a bit and she looks over toward Hojo, trying to see what exactly his results are. However, her blurred vision and vertigo keep her from seeing much of use at all* ~I don’t know.. I can’t really tell. He’s really excited thou-~ *hisses in annoyance as Hojo hauls her off the table then tries to yank away from him, however, she’d just clumsily shuffle about. She then hisses as she finds herself in a lone cage. Shuffling over to the doorway, she reaches out then latches her clawed hands around Hojo’s wrist, digging the claws into his skin* If you leave me without Seph.. I’ll kill myself and the precious fetus that you so want… *coldly glares up at him, trying to indicate that she’s serious*

Virgo: *perks up as the smell of flesh blood hits her nasal passages. She then broadly grins and allows her fangs to lengthen somewhat. She then begins to sneak up behind Hojo, now extremely determined to drink his blood*