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Jenna: *deeply sighs at Seph* ~Do me a favor and at least lean against a wall or something. You don’t deserve to be in pain because of that thing. If you could place part of the weight of that thing against something, the strain on your neck will probably lessen.~ *shifts about in Seph’s lap then moves to face Hojo. Narrowing her eyes as she tries to watch the basically trippled version of Hojo that she sees at the moment, she frowns in frustration. She then hisses and closes her eyes* ~Please, wake me if he starts doing things that should concern us.~ *with that, she begins to drift to sleep*

Yuffie: Yea, we fin- *pauses then stares at Cloud for a moment. She then slumps her shoulders and visibly pouts* Why do we always have to go looking for the psychopaths! Why can’t we just sit at home and enjoy a movie or something? *kicks a bit of snow onto the dead animal infront of the house. She then moves to follow Cloud*