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Sesshou: *narrows her eyes at Hojo* Human females? *Snorts in irritation* If you want to grow organics, just use those. *waves her hand toward some of the cloning tanks that are in the laboratory that she had created* Those will work just as well. *Shakes her head then glares at Sephiroth and Jenna one last time. She then hisses and stomps out of the area. However, she does allow her energy to wave over them and “strike” at them as she leaves*

Jenna: *groans and finally pushes herself to a seated position. Clumsily, she scoots back over to Seph’s side then moves to lie across his lap* ~The room’s spinning…~

*Luckily for Cloud’s group, the fire isn’t that big quite yet. It is mostly just the stove and a few other items in the kitchen. So, the rest of the house would still be recoverable*

Yuffie: *glances over at Cloud and Aeris as they enter the house* Hey.. We get to do all the fun stuff, huh? *frowns* I didn’t see any signs of Sephy-butt or his crazy female friend.. Just some dead animal outside the door…