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Sesshou: *her neck twists so that her head is facing Hojo, nearly pivoting her head a complete 180º. She then snorts at him* I am the one who gave you this place. Hence, it belongs to me. *finishes burning the symbols into the wall then pulls her tentacle away. She’d carelessly smack Sephiroth in the head as she pulls her tentacle away, not that she actually takes care not to hit him* You shall heed my warnings when I tell you there is danger, human. *Flares her wings out as she turns the rest of her body to face him*

Yuffie: *nods at Cloud and grips onto the Ice materia* Gotcha! *pauses for a moment* What if Sephiroth is still there though?? *whimpers at the thought then shakes her head. She decides to gather what courage she has, then begins to sprint out toward Professor Gast’s old house. She barges in soon after and begins to cough. Soon enough, she finds the burning stove and begins using the ice materia on the area*