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Jenna: *slowly nods at Seph’s assessments of how the crown is working and studies over it once more. She then shuffles away from him, not wanting to get injured if something goes wrong with her spell. Soon after, she begins concentrating on a spell to try to burn out the electronics in the headdress. However, before she can get far into focussing on the spell, something, which is originally intangible then becomes solid as it makes contact, slams into her chest and knocks her back into the cage. She groans as she’s slammed into the back of the cage and becomes quite dizzy due to a concussion*

Seshou: *materializes outside of the cage then seethes as she turns her attention to Hojo. Her tail slowly pulls away from Jenna as she makes her body physical. In addition, it is possible that the energy that passed through the cage as she attacked Jenna would have created a few surges in Seph’s crown.* Foolish human. You disable one but you paid no attention to the damnable sorceress. She could have blown this entire place “sky high” as your kind says if you allow her to recover from those drugs. *begins reforming her phsyical shell, calling forth the oil-like substance that she prefers to manipulate*

Yuffie: *strolls out onto the deck of the highwind, having become quite bored for the day. She glances out to Icicle Inn. Then, she loudly yelps as she spots smoke coming from Professor Gast’s old home. Dashing back into the ship, she begins calling out for either Cloud or Aeris*