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Seferia: *Seems appreciative that Sephiorth is walking by her side again. However, she also doesn’t want him to feel obligated to keep her company. Mostly, she wishes that she could push her body to move even faster without shifting to the longer strides of her natural form, which would garner too much attention*

Sekhmet: *seems oblivious of the way that Rizon is looking at her. Instead, she continues along with the rest of the group, loudly complaining whenever her fur becomes horribly soiled by mud or random bird poop*

Hope: *happily leads the group through the rain forest, expertly guiding them south toward the caves that she had found. However, after about four hours into the trip, she stops. For, in front of the group is a large field that has been torched, filled with the charred remains of several of Nemesis’s minions and warriors. Also, within the rubble is strips of a golden cape and other evidence that the one who did this was the female that had left the group the night before*