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Gorchev: *Glares at the mutt then moves over to him. Soon after, he reaches on to literally squash the other feline’s privates. He then leans in to glare into his eyes* You worthless shit. You think that I come from fancy dining rooms? I come from Russia. There is no money there, even when humans lived. We know more about being tough and sturdy than all others on this planet. *he then shoves the youth away* Let’s get moving!

Sekhmet: *snorts at Rizon* Yes, it doesn’t matter. Next time that I want you some place, insure that you make it there. *her furs bristle. She then heads to the gates* Yes, let us move out.

Seferia: *frowns at Sephiroth* No one is worthless, Sephiroth. Never forget that. *she waits for most of the group to begin moving. She then takes up the rear end, wanting to keep guard there*