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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *grunts* We’re waiting for that idiot..? *glares back at the campsite, frustrated. He thinks Rizon would not be able to do anything useful and that he’s a very lazy creature indeed*

*the mutt feline seems to enjoy Gorchev’s glaring looks and bares his canine teeth at him, also poking out his tongue* You wanna fight? Bring it, bluey. Are you going to be able to survive out in the wilderness? There’s not a designated tidy sweet smelling cat-box for you to take a shit in, you know. *pats his clothes, then takes out another cigarette, lighting it shortly after* Can you handle that, knowing where you’re headed, blue-balls?

Rizon: *makes a rather loud chirping sound and morphs himself into a feline form, rushing through the rest of his preparations, bumbling out of his tent with his bag of supplies, nearly tripping over a few times as he runs to the training field* Sorry…. sorry. I was… *tenses* It doesn’t matter. *stops in front of Sekhmet and salutes* I’m ready now. F-forgive me, princess.