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Seferia: *frowns in thought. She then begins to ponder over the situation as well. She recalls most of the legends she heard of ancient human and dragon interactions. She then shakes her head* I cannot say for certain. However, most legends that I can think of state that as long as the dragon is alive, the human will remain alive. My life force is strong, so I might be able to keep you in this world with our bond.. However, I do not know all the answers there. If you were to be completely obliterated, even my strong life force might not keep you living. Another possibility is that you might just become absorbed into me if you do die. *she shakes her head* Just try not to die.

Zack: *grins at Aeris’s attention. He then kisses the top of her forehead* Yea, that is pretty surprising. She must be some woman to tame him. *he chuckles* Figures that only a dragon can handle him.