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*Zack’s only clothing, his soldier uniform, would be throw in the corner of the room. Unfortunately for Zack, he hadn’t had the chance to get any other clothing since he had been rescued by the resistance group, mostly since he had become a wolf shortly after being rescued.*

Seferia: *nods at Sephiroth’s suggestion. She then looks over at Zack and hopes that the male would understand what she’s about to tell him. Soon enough, she begins to inform him of Seph’s findings about his brain. Informing him that he has a growth that most humans do not have; however, this growth is not dangerous to him. She then explains to him how Sephiroth activated the change*

Zack: *shakes his head* Man.. I knew something was wrong.. *frowns as Seferia begins trying to explain how the changes were activated* I really don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that… I don’t have anything that goes “zap” in my head.

Seferia: *softly groans. Her thoughts would indicate that she believe that Zack would need a lot of coaching and help to get accustomed to his “wolf” changes and bits*