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Seferia: *curtly nods at Sephiroth’s statement* As you wish, Sephiroth. *her eyes begin to glow enough that her pupils seem to vanish for a bit. Soon after, Sephiroth’s clothing would begin to shift and reform itself. Soon enough, Sephiroth would be clothed in the armor that the two had been discussing for th e past few minutes. Seferia takes care to give Sephiroth offensive items such as spikes on his knuckles. She also gives him the paladins that he requested for. Aside from that, the armor would be similar to his old uniform; however, all indications of SOLDIER have been stripped from it. She has also removed the leather straps that would have caused chafing in the past. As for the actual material of the clothing, it would be quite soft and breathable. Still, it is also very durable.*