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Seferia: *pushes herself up to her feet then walks over to Sephiroth. Soon enough, she sits down next to him before gently setting her hand down ontop of his head. Then, she begins to gently “pet” Seph’s head, though it could feel somewhat like a gentle rub as well* I will not force you to wear clothing that you do not want to, Sephiroth. I have not forced you to do anything aside from taking up a position that I know you can excell at. You and I both know that. *slowly shakes her head* Still, I will give you advice when I feel that advice is due. I have more years on you, even if for a human, you’ve been more sexually mature. *chooses not to even comment about his thoughts on his agressiveness, allowing him to make his on choices as to how to act. However, she does momentarily allow herself a few stray thoughts as to how soft and silky his hair is, finding that to be a good sign of health*