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Seferia: *looks up at Sephiroth, wondering what exactly he’s doing. She then frowns as she realizes from his thoughts that he’s been trying to keep the eggs warm with body heat. So, she sighs and shakes her head* Sephiroth, there is a much more efficent way for you to heat up those blankets. *points to a fire-pit in the corner of the room* Hang those blankets around that area while keeping a fire going. Alternatively, you can heat up stones then wrap the heated stones in blankets and then place them next to the eggs. Dragons usually just heat up stones with their fire anyway then set those stones next to the eggs. *shakes her head* As for your clothing, shouldn’t the answer be obvious? You yourself stated that you lost an eighth of your body mass. *shakes her head* Your pants are dragging on the ground by at least a few inches of cloth. Also, your shirts are sagging on your body. It is quite clear that you are not the exact same size as you were when those clothes were fit for you.