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Seferia: ~You do not know where we are, Sephiroth? I thought you had been briefed on that much before. We are near the Yucatan Peninsula, where Belize and part of Mexico were once found. That location is not “close” by your standards.~ *slowly shakes her head then looks over at Gorchev* I must request for you to hold off on sending out your troop until we can fully consider this information, Commander Gorchev.

Gorchev: *Snorts* What is there to consider? We have an eye-witness who is providing us with a very clear indicator of where to look. *flattens his ears, quite irritated that this subject is even up for debate* Unlike some, I actually want to get an upper hand in this war.

Sekhmet: Yes, felines aren’t meant for digging. However, not all of us in this cavern are felines. There are several dragons here who are quite naturally at digging cavernous lairs by instinct. Then, there are humans. We felines barely do any digging at all.