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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *stays silent now, really not trusting the girl and her information. He begins to wonder whether she’s been posessed, and is suspicious of why she’s only now remembering this information. He also wonders if the russian blue feline is in on it, and doesn’t trust him either. He ignores the leash comment and thinks that Gorchev is being rather repeditive and weak for using the same taunt over and over again*

Darcy: Map, that issue, whatever. *hisses* We need more water, damn it. If I could just get a team together and authorized, we could create a pipeline from the spring to here. You want fresh water for once and for all? I can actually make it happen, if silver-head here would actually get off his butt, authorise my proposals, and stop being so paranoid.