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Hope: Oh, but it is real, sir. I saw her with my own eyes. *steps up a bit* She was asleep, in a cavern. I’m so sorry for not being able to clearly remember before when you spoke to me in the medical ward. However, I remember it all now. Tiamat is indeed real. Six wings, not a specific color, but constantly changing in color, quite large, about the sixty meters, if I had to guess, and deeply asleep. I can point to the exact location of her resting spot.

Gorchev: *grins and glances over at Hope* As you see, I have quite a find. I shall send out my troop by dawn. With or without your permission, you little pet. However, you are free to join us.

Sekhmet: *narrows her eyes as she listens to Hope. Her tail swishes. Still, she remains silent for now. Not even bothering to continue the discussion on the need for water*