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Kat Aclysm

Darcy: *a large common-brown-tabby feline enters the meeting room, still covered in camoflage paint which he painted on his fur before going on his guard post outside the caves. He shakes himself off and takes a seat, then begins to groom the fur on his arm, not seeming to care that he is in the presence of others*

Zola: *one of the Dragon Elder females strolls into the tent, swathed in elegant silken robes, similar to the ones warn in Hindu cultures. Her movements are slow and she acts like she is royalty as she takes her seat near the front, fanning herself with a zig-zag gold-leaf folding fan, already bored of the situation*

Sephiroth: *ignores the cat and looks up at Seferia, grinning slightly at her* *”I bet nothing is going to be acheived here, but thank you for your prescence.”*