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Seferia: *doesn’t bother sitting down and remains standing, despite the fact that her injured leg will suffer form her stubborn desire to keep an appearance of strength and stoicism. Still, she allows herself one personal motion by gently brushing her tail against Seph’s leg*

Sekhmet: *strolls into the meeting room, followed by Ramses. She yawns, trying to emphasize boredom and standoffish-ness as she sits down at her own usual seat, which is near the head of the meeting table. After she sits down, she glances at Sephiroth. At the moment, her expression toward him is not completely readable. However, she quickly snorts and looks away from him* This better not take long.

Ramses: *softly groans* Sekhmet, patience, please. *looks over at Sephiroth and deeply frowns. He shakes his head, not wanting to know what has happened to him. Instead, he just concentrates on Sekhmet instead*

Gorchev: *strolls into the meeting room not long after Sekhmet arrives. He seems to have a very confident smile on his lips. He glances over at Sephiroth then gives him a mock-purr* Hello, little pet human. You look quite different today. *chuckles* Messing with dragon magic? *Shakes his head, making a mocking “tsk-ing” noise*

Hope: *slowly enters the area as well, having been called to the meeting by Gorchev. So, she stands behind him, silent for now*