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Seferia: It was developed prior to the developments with the traitorous human and her companion, Sephiroth. I thought I already informed you of that element. It is just a left-over from the days when we were planning on going to war with creatures that had nuclear bombs. *slowly shakes her head* Clawina determined that we needed some sort of trump card, for the weaponry of humans could wipe out everything we were intending to fight for. Not to mention, the war would have been much cleaner if there was no actual fighting. *tilts her head as she receives his other thoughts* I do not believe that it would be a good weapon at all. Even if the human part of Nemesis is killed off.. there is still the second half. No, that virus probably should have been burned, but.. the proper equipment to do such is not available here. That is why it is a large reason why it is still around.